Market on Main provides outlet for regional artisans

Market on Main owner Lizzy Bush stands in her new store that features locally-produced items sold on consignment from local artisans. Rick Olivo/Staff Photo

Market on Main Street owner Lizzy Bush describes her new business as an indoor flea market in the heart of Ashland's downtown district.

"There are booths and vendors, and they are all specialized in their different trades, whether it be baby clothes, knitting, wholesale goods, refurbished furniture — it has all come together very nicely," she said.

The store at 515 Main St. W., which had a soft opening Tuesday, is planned as a year-round consignment shop with all kinds of interesting merchandise already on hand.

"We have a lot of boutique clothing, which is really cute," Bush said. "There are also home goods and a lot of baby items."

The store also features candy imported from Sweden.

"It is really so good," Bush said.

One seller, Chris Hanson, who specializes in leather goods, built a small booth for his products out of repurposed wooden siding from his home.

"It's really neat; it kind of reminds me of a shack," Bush said.

Items also include homemade creams including "Bum Balm" which Bush said was a great treatment for diaper rash.

"It's the best thing for babies," she said. "A lot of people have asked me what they should do for their baby's diaper rash and this stuff is the best. It's all natural, and people have told me it works great."

The store also features homemade candles, sauna supplies including sprays and brushes and sauna buckets.

Although the front end of the store is fairly small, it includes a back area with 1,000 square feet of space that will allow Bush to store larger merchandise like furniture.

"There is also a consignment section in the back that people are bringing their old clothes into and selling," she said.

Bush said the reason she started the business grew out of her own passion for knitting and crocheting baby items.

"In my community I see all the talent these ladies and men have in creating things like that, and I just wanted to showcase them; there are so many amazingly talented people," she said.

Bush compared the store to the seasonal bazaars held in the Bay Area.

"They are only there one day out of the year, so I wondered why it couldn't be year-around, so people could come in and enjoy this," she said. "I didn't even think about money at first. I hoped just to break even, and maybe make a little bit of profit, but I just love this kind of stuff. I am a stay-athome mom, and it felt like I could do a little bit more on top of that."

Market on Main is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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