Two persons with Hayward roots will be appearing on national television with a world famous chef, restaurateur and TV personality this upcoming Monday, June 13.

Tina Scheer and Thomas Lancaster will join Gordon Ramsay in National Geographic's, Nat Geo, series "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted" in an episode titled "Maine Ingredient."

Ramsay is the star of such cable shows as "Hell's Kitchen," "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares," "Kitchen Nightmares," "MasterChef" and "MasterChef Junior," as well as "Hotel Hell" and "24 Hours to Hell and Back."

Besides being all over cable television, scenes from his shows pop over social media, usually with Ramsay painfully grimacing after sampling an unsatisfying entree and then loudly questioning the head chef skills and inevitably rummaging through the cold storage snorting several obscenities while uncovering slimy chicken parts stored in a plastic container under the remains of last month's special.

From a safe digital distance, Ramsay is fun to watch, but in person he's a possible painful wakeup call to one's ego, but Scheer said she had just the opposite experience.

"I though he was really genuinely nice," she said. "He was very interested in my business and how I got started."

For 26 seasons, Scheer has operated Timber Tina's Great Main Lumberjack Show from Trenton, Maine, just blocks from Bar Harbor near Acadia National Park.

"This area is just like Wisconsin but a mile away you have the Atlantic Ocean," she said.

Scheer's show features all the traditional lumberjack skills, such as crosscut sawing, chopping, log rolling and climbing — just like her brother Fred holds in Hayward by the Lumberjack Bowl, and her other brother, Robert, does from Ketchikan, Alaska.

Last summer, Ramsay was in Maine shooting for an episode for Season 3 when Scheer was contacted.

"He had been out lobstering or clamming with local people and he came to me to get firewood to cook on the beach," she said.

"Uncharted" features Ramsay traveling around the world, soaking a little bit of the local culture while exploring local foods and local dishes. The show is similar to Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservation" and "Parts Unknown," but one big difference is Ramsay prepares his version of local entrees while Bourdain just tasted and opined.

Sheer convinced the cable show that Ramsay should visit her business and learn some lumberjack skills.

"I started showing Gordon how to throw the axe," she said, "and then I told the producer that I'd love to show him how to crosscut saw, and I asked if I could bring in some others to demonstrate."

The producers chose athletic-looking Lancaster, who later convinced Ramsay to put on some climbing gear and try pole climbing.

"I also taught him how to use a hot saw, chain saw, and we raced but he complained I had an advantage with my modified saw," she said.

Scheer said Ramsay didn't show that notorious, confrontational TV temper peppered with the unprintables he's known for.

"He was delightful," she said. "We were working together in the forest and he just thought it was great. He was not at all what he is like on 'Hell's Kitchen.'"

This is not Scheer's first appearance on national television. In 2013 she was in a different Nat Geo series "Ultimate Survival: Alaska" where she had to live in the wilderness with only the items she carried in on her back. In 2006 she appeared in one episode of CBS's "Survivor: Panama."

With their appearance on "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted," Scheer and Lancaster are the second and third persons with ties to the area who have appeared on a national, cable food-theme show.

Heather Ludzack, owner and chef for the Brick House in Cable, has made four appearances on the Food Network with another famous chef and TV personality Guy Fieri. In 2014 she was on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," and then three subsequent episodes of "Grocery Games," also with Fieri, including one shot last December.

And talk about coincidence, Scheer and Ludzack are also friends and Scheer is a Hayward High School classmate of Ludzack's husband.

"Heather and I are buds," she said.

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