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A Painted Lady lands on a flower, creating a colorful scene.

A scene on the shores of Shell Lake was captured by Dana Johnson of Spooner.

Pansies are such happy-looking flowers, aren't they?

A pair of Canada geese and their little family play around on a sand bar.

Raindrops bead up on a fern frond.

There is nothing like putting one's feet in the water and giving them a churn on a warm summer day.

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Gayle Sheahen of Webster, Wis., captured this moment as an owl took a peek.

A loon chick spreads its little wings. [Photo by Linda Ruedy, Long Lake, Wis.]

A pair of osprey survey their domain from far above near Long Lake. [Photo by Linda Ruedy]

A little downy woodpecker perches on a clothesline pole, a little fluffed up in the arctic cold.


A robin showed up under our bird feeders on January 14 despite the frigid -14 degree temperatures. He pecked at our suet a bit. We later threw out some dried meal worms which he gobbled up.

Gayle Sheahen of Webster captured a moment as a swan takes a stretch in the sun and snow.

An eagle prepares for a landing. Gayle Sheahen of Webster, Wis., was there to capture the moment.

"Red sky at night, sailor's delight; red sky in morning, sailors take warning." Natalie Melton of Shell Lake, Wis., photographed this sailor's delight.

Photographer Gayle Sheahen of Webster, Wis., spotted this cooperative owl, who very cutely posed for a photo.

The woods and forest floors are strewn with autumn leaves. [Photo by Linda Ruedy of Long Lake, Wis.]

Autumn's gold lasts such a short time, but a photo can last forever. [By Natalie Melton of Shell Lake, Wis.]

Birds take flight into the autumn mist. [Photo by Natalie Melton of Shell Lake, Wis.]

A little mushroom appears to take cover under a bigger mushroom, almost as if it is hiding under an umbrella. This scene was captured by Natalie Melton of Shell Lake, Wis.

The woods in the area are full of autumn color, and here is a glimpse, from inside looking out, captured by Natalie Melton of Shell Lake, Wis.


This ruffed grouse flew into one of our trees this morning. [Photo by Amy White, Mellen, Wis.]

Long Lake area photographer Linda Ruedy took this photo of a little buck with its velvets when it visited a neighbor's yard and "was kind enough to give me a few shots before he took off," she said.

Almost Monet-like, this lily-pad scene is the picture of serenity. [Photo by Linda Ruedy of Long Lake, Wis.]

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