Blue-green algae on Shell Lake

Summertime means many people are spending more time around water and literally being in lakes and rivers to enjoy favorite activities like swimming, tubing or water skiing. Enjoying these activities can be hampered by what’s commonly known as “pond scum,” or more technically, as cyanobacteria.

Green when growing or blue when decomposing are the most common colors of cyanobacteria, but it can also be reddish purple or brown. This cyanobacteria, which can appear quickly, increases in size, and float like a blanket, and is then called a “blue-green algae bloom.” Some of the Washburn County lakes with confirmed blooms last year were Beartrack, Big Bass, Long Lake and Shell Lake. So far this year, one Washburn County planktonic bloom was reported to the DNR, but was not confirmed, as photos were not submitted.

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