An adult mudpuppy found during a snorkeling survey over the summer. Surveys consist of flipping rocks until locating a mudpuppy. After all data is collected, mudpuppies are released back under the rock that they were originally found.

MADISON – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is asking the public to report any observations of mudpuppies they may accidentally catch while fishing this winter. Data collected from these sightings will help determine the distribution and range of the species statewide.

Mudpuppies are Wisconsin’s only fully aquatic salamander and can be found in streams, rivers, ponds and lakes year-round. Due to their elusive behavior, surveying can be difficult and labor-intensive. However, because mudpuppies can be a common bycatch during the winter ice fishing season, officials are hoping that anglers will share their mudpuppy observations with the DNR this winter.

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