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Friendly competitors, (center) Larry Samson of the Washburn County Register and Bill Thornley of the Spooner Advocate, joined forces on May 18 to help 5th graders at Spooner Middle School in their assignment for writing a newspaper article. The two newspaper veterans talked about their newspapers, Spooner and Shell Lake history, photography and writing, answering questions as well.

SPOONER– “How long have you been doing newspapers?”

“What is your favorite story you have ever written?”

“Does going to college help you in your newspaper career?”

Just some of the great questions asked by Spooner Middle School 5th graders as newspaper veterans Larry Samson of the Washburn County Register and Bill Thornley of the Spooner Advocate combined forces to help the kids in their assignment to “write a newspaper article.”

“Does taking notes or recording the interview help?”

“Is your job ever dangerous?”

“Who inspired you to work at the newspaper?”

More great questions! The kids did their homework, and will no doubt produce some great articles.

Samson, a Register reporter for 12 years, offered the “Who?, What?, Where? and Why” article structure that every journalist must know.

Thornley, at the Spooner Advocate for 40 years, talked about interviewing people and talking photographs – he mentioned he has been around long enough to have taken pictures of some of the kids’ parents in middle school!

Both talked about the history of their newspapers, as well as some local history from Spooner and Shell Lake and surrounding areas the papers cover like Minong, Barronett, Siren, Webster and Birchwood.

Samson and Thornley both also talked about how smalltown papers try a bit more than big dailies to provide positive news about the towns they cover.

They stressed how attention to detail and dedication can turn being a journalist into great career.

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