SPOONER– Spooner police are warning people that two people tried multiple times to get a grade school child on his way home from school to come to them in their car on Wednesday, Sept. 27.

"An SPD officer took a report of two people in a red car who made contact with a grade school student who was on his way home from school today," the police department said. "Per the complaint, the two individuals (one was a white male, approximately 20 years old) attempted several times to get the child to come over by the car and followed him down the street.

"Luckily this young man knew to stay away from the vehicle and was able to get home safely.

"At this time it is unknown who the subjects were or what their intent was," the police department said on Wednesday afternoon.

The department advised people to use caution when letting their children walk to and from school and to make sure that the children" know safe places along the way, alternative routes home, and how to contact the police if needed."

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