It was recently written in the Sawyer County Record and Spooner Advocate papers that the Vatican, like everyone, “turned a blind eye on the Holocaust.” A harsh rebuke. I rise to defend Pope Pius XII, who led the Vatican during that time. I join notable Jewish leaders such as Israeli prime minister Golda Meir who praised the courage of Pius XII in helping the Jews in World War II.

Americans were unaware of Hitler’s Holocaust plan for the Jews and others; the press didn’t report it. Hitler’s plan was to save Germany by eliminating the Jews and disallowing race-mixing. Eliminating others to save one’s own people, nation, tribe, party, whatever, has been a tragic constant throughout history. Indeed, Chinese Communists today are eliminating Muslims – to save Red China; and if the Uyghurs (ie, Sunni Muslims in China) were to gain enough power, they’d try to save their Islam by eliminating China’s atheistic Communists.

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