We have had several months now of the Democratic candidates for president telling us how bad the other one is. Pitiful part, they’re all right. Now is coming an even more pitiful part, where they pick one of these flawed people and then they tell us we should vote for them. Now comes an even more pitiful part, almost half the people will. I hope it’s “almost” half.

If you watch TV, you may have seen Chuck Schumer, in a rage, threaten the Supreme Court! About ending the most shameful thing this nation has ever participated in. Namely abortion. We have killed more innocent babies than the millions of people attributed to evil dictators. The Supreme Court may end it now, and that is upsetting the Democrats more than anything, because that is one of the main planks of their party. Their biggest fear is that President Donald Trump will get re-elected. They are calling him the most dangerous president ever. Why? Because he is draining the swamp they live in.

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