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The three essential ingredients required for fascism to flourish are:

1. A manipulated, false portrayal of victimhood perpetuated from the top down. If we are to believe the current Oval Office occupant, a self-proclaimed patriot five draft deferments and zero credibility, there has never been a bigger victim in the entire history of USA, a country where we are taught early on “The King isn’t the Law, the Law is King” (T.Paine) and no one is above the law (US Constitution). Unfortunately for America, Attorney General William Barr provided this ingredient and cemented a false portrayal of victimhood with a one-page document that only provided more questions. Well done, sir!

2. Manufactured chaos, distraction, and division (fear), with all problems directly or indirectly blamed on those who are too tired, too oppressed, too poor, or too different to defend themselves from TPTB (The Powers That Be). These are the true victims under any authoritarian rule. We’re caging some on our southern border these days. Sport, religion, and politics have all been utilized by TPTB to essentially divide and control the masses for centuries. Nothing new about that, except they do seem to be getting better at it. Strange, how after 2,000 years of ruling the world (some might say ruining), white folks are beginning to notice that brown, black, and yellow folks want some justice, freedom, and equality too. Go figure.

3. A gullible public willing to look the other way when confronted with the truth. Despite having more access to more information than any time in history, many still select nonsense over common sense, fantasy over science, ignorance over knowledge, hate over love, and of course the current growth in tribal/nationalism/fascism over global relations. In this day and age there is no excuse for such ignorance, unless we are talking low IQ – but even that can be improved with large doses of truth.

These manipulations and our struggles against them have always been about class, about maintaining the status quo and controlling the masses. But don’t believe me, ask Jesus or any other serious religious truth teller (they all tell a similar tale).

In the near future Americans (the 60% or so who even bother) will make a choice. We should all hope that choice is an informed one based on love, knowledge, and truth instead of rhetoric, hate, and lies. Lest we forget that in a free country it’s the government that should fear its people, not the people fearing government. The struggle for human rights/democracy only seems radical when societal bigotry is entrenched. Love only seems radical in a society

based on hate. Demands for freedom, justice, and equality seem radical only in a society that is oppressive. Desires for independence only seem radical in a society based on misogynistic paternalism.

What kind of country will we select? It’s still our choice … for now.


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