It’s been said that no war ends until the last veteran dies, or was it the last victim? In either case our world has a ways to go. Case in point: Of the 16 million Americans called upon to fight European Fascists and Japanese Imperialists, roughly 40,000 remain 75 years later. Since America has been directly involved in various wars both before World War II (over 500 overt interventions into dozens of countries since 1798) and after (hundreds of covert interventions since World War II), we have created an awful lot of veterans, victims, and memorials.

If honest, most any veteran will admit a truth that non-veterans might be surprised to learn, the fact that not all veterans are heroes, nor did we all serve heroically. Most of us served honorably as evidenced by our DD-214, while only a few served with distinct honor. The truth is, some were downright scoundrels, while only a few could ever be called hero. Most of those died on a battlefield – so we memorialize them with a day off.

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