Tadpole Corners

“There it is! That is the schoolhouse where our grandmother went to schoo!” one of my kids was bound to shout, as we drove past Tadpole Corners. They marveled at how far it was for that little girl and her sisters and brother to walk from Greenfield’s corner to Tadpole every day, winter, spring, and fall, through snow and rain. The kids are grown up and gone on and the little white schoolhouse still stands.

Old-timers tell us there was a very large beaver dam that covered the marshy ground and had to be broken up. The folks still heard frogs croaking so they called it Tadpole Corners. They built the schoolhouse most likely in 1894. They called it the Hanson Schoolhouse, and Earl Hanson was the first teacher. On November 6, 1894, the wedding of Edgar Berry and Grace Bartholomew took place at the schoolhouse. It was called the Hanson Schoolhouse at Tadpole Corners.

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