On Wednesday, Feb. 3, town of Chicog chairman Pat Wilcox and I, along with Brian Abbott of the Minong Trails Club, attended a symposium in Burnett County about the damage being done to town roads by ATVs and UTVs. There were about 10 townships represented there, mostly from Burnett County. Also in attendance was the Burnett County road commissioner, the Burnett County sheriff, and two deputies. Several representatives and elected officials were also linked in via phone.

My take on the whole thing was that as a whole, township and state officials are fed up with the damage to town roads caused by irresponsible ATV drivers. We are not talking about everyday wear and tear on the gravel roads. That was expected and is unavoidable. What most officials are upset about is the avoidable and unnecessary damage caused by deliberately spinning tires and spraying gravel around on soft roads and intersections. Most of the townships present there, and that includes Chicog, are tired of spending taxpayer money to repair intentional damage to town roads.

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