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Going out, but not with a bang

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It was 2013, and Ryan Glau was walking on a street in Afghanistan with some soldiers from the Republic of Georgia. They were on their way to remove an IED – an improvised explosive device – from a building, which was Glau’s specialty in the U.S. Marine Corps.

When the first shots rang out, Glau knew they were in trouble.


Glau on patrol in Afghanistan, the day after a teammate from Duluth was killed in an IED explosion. (Contributed photo)


Ryan Glau holds up explosives he found hidden in a cache in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in 2009.


Glau works to disarm an unexploded 500-pound bomb. (Contributed photo)


Glau reclines in Saddam Hussein’s throne in his Baghdad palace, 2005. (Contributed photo)


All that remains of a bomb hidden in a donkey cart is a crater on the road in Mahmudiyah, Iraq. The bomb nearly killed Glau and his team in 2004.


Glau (middle, front row) and members of his team, working with Afghan police, discovered $12 million of heroin hidden in the car behind them. (Contributed photo)

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