We finished up the final Pizza Farm Saturday this last week — too chilly to sit outside even in the sunshine. Autumn colors tinged the leaves on the trees at the forest’s edge, and Vs of Canada geese flew southward overhead. It’s time to wrap up the summer season and pack away all the extra lawn furniture and umbrellas. Summer’s events wind down as the frost advisories pop up on the weather alerts. It truly is a time of transitions on the farm.

It was time to set up the barn cameras as we entered our second year of lambing in the fall! Instead of the usual slideshow telling the story of our 100-year-old barn playing on the flat-screen at Farmstead Creamery, it’s the “Sheep Channel” all the time now, showing the four camera angles in the main part of the barn. This allows us to keep an eye on the pregnant ewes, even when we’re busy working at the Creamery, so we can hurry back to the barn to help with an imminent delivery.

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