Down on the Farm:punch needle tapestry with Celtic Tree of Life theme

Laura’s newest punch needle tapestry with Celtic Tree of Life theme.

2020 has certainly been a year. It has taught me the value of staying adaptive and of seeking joy in the little everyday moments. It has helped me learn to see the opportunity in every challenge and that life can be full and beautiful without leaving the farm for a straight nine months. Transitions made in 2020 have garnered virtual connection with people all across the country I might never have met as well as tied us closer together at home.

A New Year brings the promise of hope in a new start, a stepping over a threshold into possibility. The new year 2021, however, admittedly cannot shake off the vestiges of 2020 in its dawning, as the deadly pandemic continues to rage, a national leadership mess continues to fester and many of us continue to struggle to hold our lives together in the upheavals and uncertainties of the times.

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