Farm Yurt

The original side cover is installed back in 2007.

I would not fit well into a tiny house. For one thing, I own 15 different weaving looms — in all shapes and sizes. Floor looms, upright tapestry looms, table looms, a triangular shawl loom, round looms, Navajo looms … they all serve to create different types of textiles and are part of my growing assembly of looms available for instructing students (once it is safe again to do so).

The looms are admittedly most everywhere on the farm — on the farmhouse porch, sometimes in our living room, in our walk-out basement, in the loft, even a smaller one at Farmstead currently. Having so many looms was the impetus for constructing my studio yurt on our farm in 2007, when my large tapestry loom proved too heavy for house’s loft, causing it to begin to sag. The wooden and metal beast had to go somewhere else, but where?

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