I hope America watched Rachel Maddow’s excellent MSNBC interview with Lev Parnas about the Ukrainian scandal. It was full of surprises that raised new questions about the motives and antics of our fearless Republican leaders.  

One of the most riveting aspects of the interview was the unexpectedly high level of credibility that Mr. Parnas seemed to possess. He appeared confident and intelligent, and his answers indicated a strong grasp of the political quagmire he faces.

A caveat worth remembering with Parnas is that he is out on bail for a possible felony and is a former associate for Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump, both of whom have disowned him. In spite of his curious circumstance, he was well mannered and on occasion displayed an easy sense of humor.  

If Parnas, was telling the truth, and my gut feeling is that he was, then we now have additional evidence that our president is a deeply corrupt sociopath who has been caught attempting to bribe Ukraine’s president with millions of U.S. defense dollars in exchange for dirt on Joe Biden.

During the impeachment trial there may be an opportunity for a few brave Republican senators to prove they know the difference between right and wrong; they can end Trump’s pernicious assault on America by simply voting with the Democrats to force disclosure of documents and eyewitness accounts for the prosecution. That can change everything.

If we are lucky, and Trump is removed from office, the history books will pay special tribute to the small band of Republican senators who had the decency and courage to end his frightening reign of terror. They will be seen as patriots who protected our democracy and paved the way for a more just and equitable future. Their profiles in courage will be for the ages.

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