I read the letter from Steve Loiselle and feel the need to respond in order to stand up for our American democracy.

The comment he made about the American flag not being present at the Democrat debates is simply not true as I guess he just did not see the stars and stripes behind the wonderful candidates who show such courage in running for president at this time in our country.

His comment about illegal immigrants is also incorrect because if he ever applied for Food Share, Medicaid, or other benefits, he would know that no one without a Social Security number is ever eligible for these benefits. However, anyone can use a food shelf with proof of address.

I also am guessing that he doesn’t know the difference between a Socialist, a Communist, or a Socialist Democrat. And in reference to Brett Kavanaugh: I’m betting that if he sexually harassed or raped his daughter or sister, he would not want him on our highest court either. Geez!

As many of you know, the investigations into the Hilary Clinton emails and the Benghazi inquiry are completed with no wrongdoing found.

I hope everyone does their due diligence in researching the facts on the economy and prosperity when it’s only based on the stock market. Some of us have stocks in our retirement accounts, IRAs, etc., but only the rich benefit greatly from the high stock market.

Since POTUS often promotes hate in his words and actions, shows immorality in his behavior, provokes world leaders, mocks traumatic brain injuries of our soldiers in Iraq, and bombed another country without congressional approval, this only strengthens the talking points of Democratic candidates.

Do you really want environmental safety regulations for our air, water, soil, and food safety to be reduced? This only damages America and leads to less tourism and more health costs. Do you really want a democracy that doesn’t protect its citizens from the catastrophic gun violence and just enacts some simple gun background check laws? Do you really feel good about a government that imprisons children and takes them away from parents without a hearing?

Or do you want a democracy that you can be proud of with equal rights, affordable health care, respect for science and education, justice for all, voting rights for all eligible voters, religious liberty for all, adherence to our Constitution, separation of church and state, climate leadership, government transparency, ethics in leadership, leaders who don’t lie 20 times each month, all cabinet and leadership positions filled with responsible people who aren’t criminals or under indictment, press freedom and not consorting with world leaders who murder journalists? Our Constitution speaks for itself, please read it. Values are important in our democracy. Please vote your values!

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