Gathering of Heroes

They served their country proudly, and these dedicated veterans saluted their flag during the “National Anthem” at the Northern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Day Program on May 23.

SPOONER– Elderly men and women made their way to their seats with the aid of canes and walkers … some in wheelchairs. They proudly wore the uniforms of their branch of service, Navy, Army, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard – all of them proud American soldiers.

Along the way they were met by civilians and younger soldiers not born when they were fighting at Omaha Beach in World War II or the jungles of Vietnam. But there was respect. Handshakes, thank yous, and – between the soldiers of different eras – salutes and an incredible feeling of respect.

It was the Memorial Day program held Saturday, May 23 at the Northern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery. And it was packed.

Flags flew everywhere and patriotic music played often, from The “National Anthem” to “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Bagpipes rang out with “Amazing Grace” during the Placement of the Wreath by COL Doug Stubbe and his family, and a few tears flowed as a place was set for “The Honored Guest,” the soldiers who never made it home during the “Missing Man Remembrance.”

War Birds provided a stirring fly-over, salutes were crisp and heart-felt, and red, white and blue was the order of the day. Shots rang out in salute of the dead, and “Taps” played as all stood at attention.

This was Memorial Day at the Northern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery. God bless our veterans, and God Bless America.

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