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WASHBURN COUNTY– A new mental health crisis line, 888.860.0373, is being put in place in Washburn County.

“Beginning 8 a. m. July 15th, if you or a person known to you is experiencing a mental crisis within Washburn County and in need of assistance, please use the new mental health crisis number established specifically for Washburn County and discard all previous mental health crisis phone numbers,” the Washburn County Health and Human Services Department said.

The number should be used for “immediate mental health crisis needs including people experiencing suicidal ideation, thoughts of self-harm, or other mental health emergencies,” the department said.

Callers will be connected with a mental health professional familiar with resources in Washburn County or with someone who can assist in navigating through the mental health crisis.

For the past several years Northwest Connections has provided a regional mental health crisis line that served the county. To better serve people experiencing a mental health crisis in the county, Washburn County Health and Human Services Department created a crisis line to provide more localized resources and community safety plans.

Future calls to Northwest Connections will be re-directed back to the Washburn County Mental Health Crisis Line.

For more information: Marie Schrankel, 715.468.4747 or


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