A southbound Canadian National (CN) collided with a town of Stone Lake, Washburn County, tractor mower at the Metcalf Road crossing, four miles west of Hwy. 27, at approximately 1 p.m. Wednesday, July 3.

Brian Walter was mowing the south side of the ditch and traveling east on Metcalf Road when the collision occurred. Walter, who was not injured, told authorities he did not see the train coming because a railroad signal shed to the north, on the west side of the tracks, blocked his view.

Walter also said he did not hear any warning horn from the train.

It appeared the train caught the left-front tire and spun the tractor perpendicular to the tracks, blowing out the tire and apparently breaking the wheel on the other side. It also appeared the crash might have damaged the tractor's axle.

Along responding with deputies from Sawyer and Washburn county sheriff's offices were members of Sawyer County Ambulance and Stone Lake and Bass Lake fire departments personnel, and CN personnel who helped control traffic as the train proceeded.

The CN crew also was on site to replace the railroad 392.3-mile marker post that had been sheared off because of the collision.

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