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SPOONER– Tractor Supply Company (TSC) and Wisconsin 4-H Foundation have teamed up again for the Paper Clover Campaign. For every $1 paper clover sold at a Wisconsin TSC during the campaign, 90 cents goes to the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation to be used for leadership activities. The other dime supports National 4-H Council. 

The fall 2020 campaign is October 7-18. 

“The paper clover campaign is a great way for everyone to visit their local Tractor Supply and support Wisconsin 4-H,” said Brenda Scheider, executive director of the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation. “Those dollars add up quickly. Last year the TSC campaigns provided $15,000 to support leadership programming like the Fall Leadership Forum and the Wisconsin Leadership Council.

“This is a difficult year, so we’re challenging our clubs to do a promotional activity with the Tractor Supply in their area that stays within safety boundaries,” she said. “These promotions are a great way to share the incredible opportunities that 4-H provides to our youth.”

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation is offering an incentive to 4-H clubs to plan an activity or display during the Paper Clover Campaign. This year, TSC is requesting no physical presence from 4-H programs at their stores. So the Foundation is challenging 4-H clubs to get creative with their social media, emails, displays or any other promotion. Any club that does a promotion with a store the week before or during the fall paper clover campaign and provides the Foundation with photos, clippings, and/or screen shots, the Foundation will give that club $20. If the promotion is chosen as one of the five best, the Foundation will give the club an additional $50.

More information about the promotion and 4-H club incentive is at Wis4HFoundation.org/events.

Tractor Supply stores in communities across the country have long supported 4-H clubs. Last year TSC raised more than $15,000 to support Wisconsin 4-H. For more information about TSC: tractorsupply.com.

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