St. Croix Festival Theatre will do a family-friendly staged reading on Saturday night, March 28, its first-ever digital production.

The reading will be Jason Richards’ "The Princess and the Players," which will be on YouTube and the theatre's website and Facebook page.

"Here at Festival Theatre we strive to bring you engaging theatre under any circumstances," the theatre said. "That's why we've decided to branch out into new territory - live streaming!

"That's right, over the next few weeks we plan to share exciting, family-friendly performances that you can stream directly to your living room. These performances will be free to the public with the option of a free-will donation.

"For our first live streamed performance Festival Theatre is proud to present "The Princess and the Players," a children's comedy written by our very own Jason Richards! The play follows Penelope, a sweet but rather spoiled princess, as she learns a valuable lesson from a troupe of silly actors. Foolery and fun abound in this zany tale! You and your little ones won't want to miss it.

"In these challenging times, we want to provide you with hope and excitement for the future of St. Croix Festival Theatre, including our ambitious 2020 season! While we can’t share our physical space with you, we hope you’ll join us in the virtual space as we deliver regular, experimental content! Theatre lends itself to sharing stories in person, but while that’s not possible, we hope you’ll join us on this digital journey!

We hope you’re all safe and healthy, and feeling inspired as we “flatten the curve” together! St. Croix Festival Theatre will lose all the revenue that was to be generated in March and April, and we hope you’ll consider helping us make some of that up, if you’d like to! A typical ticket price for our youth/family series shows is $13.50 so we’ll call that a suggested donation price! If you can’t donate, that’s OK, we’re just happy to share our art with our community in these trying times!

"Thank you for your time and support, donate below if you see fit, and we hope you’ll enjoy "The Princess and the Players" by Jason Richards!" the theatre said.

Donations can be made here.

St. Croix Festival Theatre Facebook.

Website is here.

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