Phone scam

If your caller ID shows your own phone number, a family member probably is not calling you.

It's another scam.

That was the experience of a Hertel resident. She reports that her husband had answered a landline call when the caller ID showed their own number, thinking she was calling him on one of the other phone sets.

She wasn't.

When a fast-speaking foreign voice came on the line instead of his wife, he hung up.

The number has shown up again in a couple more calls, and a friend received 10 similar calls on Tuesday, Oct. 1, with four rings and then a hang-up on each.

The scammers seem to be stepping up their activity, the Hertel resident said. She notified the phone company and was told to contact the sheriff's department, which she did. She said they seemed to be aware of the scam.

She also had a mystifying incident recently: After a phone call with a friend, that friend's phone number showed on an incoming call, a call that the friend had not made.


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