Stephanie Erickson

SPOONER – Another physical therapist, Stephanie Erickson, DPT, has joined the Rehabilitation Services department at Spooner Health.

Erickson received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the College of St. Scholastica in 2015, and she specializes in pelvic health rehab. She brings advanced techniques including biofeedback therapy to help strengthen the pelvic floor and control incontinence for both men and women.

Erickson also specializes in pelvic organ prolapse as well as pregnancy and post-pregnancy pain.

“I enjoy teaching people about how their body works,” she said. “We take our bodies for granted sometimes, but they do not always function on autopilot. When we know how and why we are experiencing pain, we can prevent and lessen it as well as the loss of function we might experience. Our bodies are extremely capable of healing.”

Erickson is excited to be at Spooner Health to empower patients to gain control of their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Rehabilitation Services

Spooner Health’s comprehensive Rehabilitation Services department includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and massage therapy. Conditions treated vary from orthopedic injuries to neurological conditions, chronic pain, and other specialized issues. For more information:

Spooner Health

Spooner Health is a 20-bed critical access hospital with a wide range of services from emergency and inpatient care to outpatient therapy, surgery and diagnostic imaging. Spooner Health is dedicated to providing high quality healthcare with excellent service.

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