Spooner Police

SPOONER– The Special Response Teams (SRT) from Washburn and Sawyer counties were called out to a domestic disturbance on Labor Day in Spooner, and one man was taken into custody.

Spooner police were dispatched to the home at about 7:07 a.m., assisted by Washburn County sheriff's deputies, a Shell Lake police officer, and later, the SRT teams.

"It was learned that an adult male was inside the residence and this subject told officers to get their weapons ready, as they would need them," Chief Jerry Christman said on Tuesday. "Officers observed this subject inside the residence brandishing a large knife.

"Officers attempted to make contact with the subject, without success," the chief said. "The Washburn County and Sawyer County Special Response Teams were dispatched to the location, as officers continued to make contact with the subject."

When the attempts at contact were unfruitful, the SRT teams deployed chemical agents into the residence, and the man came out of the building. It was 9:56 a.m. when he was reported to be in custody.

The man was identified in the sheriff's department log as Herbert L. Love. He was taken to Shell Lake emergency, complaining of heart problems, the log said, before being taken to the jail.

Christman and Sheriff Dennis Stuart both said the incident ended well, and Stuart said the SRT teams did an "exceptional job."

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