SPOONER– Building relationships with students and helping them get through some touch patches was the theme that wove through the awarding of Certificates of Excellence to staff members during the school board’s Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, Jan. 3.

The recipients were Dawn Meyers, Wendy Miller, Mindy Grybos, Natalie Schael, and Josie McShane.

Dawn Meyers

“With the holidays comes high stress situations for some students,” said Dennis Scherz, high school principal. “Dawn has put a lot of time working with our students to help them through their social and emotional concerns.

“Dawn has also been flexible in assisting the middle school with their transition back to in-person learning while their social worker is out of office,” he said.

Wendy Miller, Mindy Grybos, Natalie Schael

The Spooner Middle School Special Education team “did an outstanding job responding to the evacuation of students and the subsequent learning of students with disabilities during virtual learning as well as in person learning at the high school,” said Pete Hopke, special education director.

“They were able to problem solve during adverse conditions, manage student learning and behaviors, and effectively manage paraprofessional support in all settings.

“They supported each other, maintained a positive outlook for students even when they were discouraged, and supported students who were struggling with environmental changes.

“They are a great credit to themselves and the Spooner Area School District,” Hopke said.

Josie McShane

“Josie does an amazing job at SES,” said Chris Berghammer, middle school principal. “There have been many different things needing her attention so far this year and she has responded wonderfully. She has built very good relationships with students and they are very comfortable coming to see her.

“Our students and families have a variety of needs and Josie is very well organized and does her best to meet all their needs,” he said.

“She also communicates very well with our staff and has a great relationship with them. She is a very big asset in our building and we appreciate all she does,” Hopke said.

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