The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is providing a weekly update on construction projects in the northwest region, which includes the counties of Ashland, Barron, Bayfield, Buffalo, Burnett, Chippewa, Clark, Douglas, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, Rusk, Sawyer, St. Croix, Taylor, Trempealeau and Washburn counties.

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Construction-related traffic impacts are subject to change and dependent on favorable weather patterns.

Barron County

Highway: South Main Street

Location: City of Rice Lake, Red Cedar River Bridge

Schedule: September 17, 2018 to September 2019

Cost: $3.1 million

Description: Crews will replace the Red Cedar River Bridge. Construction will be completed in two stages.

Traffic Impacts: Main Street will be open to traffic lane closures and reduced lane width. Main Street was reduced from four lanes to two, each with two 12-foot lanes. This traffic control impacts roughly 900 feet of the project segment.

Highway: WIS 25 (COMPLETE)

Location: North of Barron, WI

Schedule: April 30 to June 19, 2019

Cost: $279,000

Description: Crews will remove and replace aging culvert pipes and construct a new bridge over the Barker Creek Tributary.

Traffic Impacts: As of 11:30AM, June 17, WIS 25 is open to traffic. The detour posted for the project was removed on June 18.

Buffalo County

Highway: WIS 121

Location: Gilmanton to Independence, Elk Creek Bridge

Schedule: April 4 to June 26, 2019

Cost: $420,000

Description: The Elk Creek Bridge will be removed and replaced with a new structure. Construction will be completed in two separate stages.

Traffic Impacts: Traffic on WIS 121 will be reduced to one lane while work on the bridge is occurring. Signals are in place at the project site to control the flow of traffic. Traffic controls will be removed on June 26.

Chippewa County

Local Road: 195th Street

Location: Town of Lafayette, near the Paint Creek Bridge

Schedule: March 25 to July 3, 2019

Cost: $1.1 million

Description: This project consists of retaining wall, grading, concrete sidewalk, concrete curb and gutter, base course, storm sewer, pipe railing, bridge construction, and incidental work.

Traffic Impacts: 195th Street will be closed throughout the duration of the project. No detour will be signed.

Highway: County Highway S

Location: US 53 to Jim Falls; near Chippewa Falls, WI

Schedule: May 14 to late July 2019

Cost: $875,000

Description: This project consists of a 0.3 mile concrete pavement reconstruction of County Highway S between US 53 and County Highway Q. Traffic controls will be staged, and will change throughout the course of the project.

Traffic Impacts: County Highway S is open to traffic and will remain open to traffic throughout construction. Traffic control has entered stage 2, which involves rerouting traffic to the westbound side of the median along County Highway S. Traffic will run bidirectionally on this section of the highway and the speed limit will be reduced 45MPH to 35MPH. Westbound traffic will use the temporary bypass constructed during stage 1.

Clark County

Local Road: Owen Avenue

Location: Town of Beaver

Schedule: May 20, 2019 to August 2019

Cost: $720,000

Description: Crews will realign the intersection of Rock Creek Road and Owen Avenue, resurface the roads with asphalt overlay and replace a bridge within the project limits. Grading will be performed as necessary.

Traffic Impacts: Rock Creek and Owen Avenue were closed to motorists on June 10 and is estimated to remain closed until August 30. No detour is posted.

Highway: County Highway Y

Location: US 10 to County Highway H, 1 mile north of Chili

Schedule: June 12 to June 28, 2019

Cost: $484,000

Description: Work being performed in this project includes grading, base aggregate dense, asphaltic pavement resurfacing, guardrail installation, and bridge construction.

Traffic Impacts: County Highway Y will be closed between County Highway H and Panther Creek Road.

Douglas County

Highway: US 2

Location: Belknap Street, City of Superior; Banks Avenue to Hill Avenue

Schedule: 2017 to June 30, 2019

Cost: $23.4 million

Description: Belknap Street has been reconstructed from Banks to Hill Avenue over the last two seasons. Work scheduled for 2019 involves fence railing, pavement marking, and general clean-up.

Traffic impacts: Motorists can expect occasional lane closures during working hours. Belknap street is open to traffic.

Dunn County

Highway: US 12

Location: City of Menomonie, Broadway Street (Red Cedar River Bridge)

Schedule: April 30, 2018 to September 2019

Cost: $2.9 million

Description: Crews will make repairs and improvements to the Red Cedar River Bridge.

Traffic impacts: Motorists can expect traffic shifts and lane closures for the duration of the project.

Highway: I-94

Location: Between Hudson and Menomonie, from WIS 128 to 250th Street, near Knapp and Wilson Creek

Schedule: March 25, 2019 to November 2020

Cost: $57.5 million

Description: A variety of work will be performed on the roadway, including milling, paving, temporary bridge construction, and utility relocation.

Traffic impacts: Currently, eastbound and westbound lane closures are in effect on I-94 from WIS 128 to 160th Street.

Highway: I-94

Location: Knapp Hill; between Hudson and Menomonie, from 250th Street to Wilson Creek

Schedule: November 2019 completion date

Cost: $30.3 million

Description: Work under this contract consists of grading, base aggregate, concrete pavement, hot mix asphalt pavement, new structures, pavement marking, signing, right of way fence, median cable barrier, beam guard, traffic control, and incidentals.

Traffic impacts: Eastbound and westbound single lane closures are set during off-peak traffic hours. Closures will be set and removed each day. Both lanes will be open during times of heavy traffic.

Westbound I-94 traffic is running on a temporary roadway with 12’ lanes, 2’ shoulders, and barrier wall on both sides. Traffic will be in this configuration until Mid-September. No westbound closures within the temporary roadway are scheduled at this time.

Eastbound I-94 traffic is shifted to the shoulder from County Highway K to the east end of the project. Two lanes will be open with both lanes shifted. Scheduled closures will occur over the next several weeks during periods of off-peak traffic.

Several I-94 intersections and side roads underwent closures this week. I-94 at 650th street was closed on June 19, I-94 at 250th street was closed on June 20, and I-94 at County Highway K will be closed until 6AM on June 21. There is a possibility for a nightly closure on June 21 for final cleanup.

Expect intermittent flagging operations at all side roads, including 390th street and County Highway K. 650th street is closed and will remain closed until late August. 250th street will be closed by either Friday or next Monday and remain closed until late August.

Highway: WIS 25

Location: WIS 170 to WIS 64, near Wheeler

Schedule: June 12 to October 2019

Cost: $5.8 million

Description: The project consists of a 4-span bridge replacement and 5.6 miles of asphalt milling and overlay.

Traffic Impacts: WIS 25 will be closed from WIS 170 to County Highway N beginning on Monday, June 17. Motorists should expect daily flagging operations from County Highway N to WIS 64 during construction.

Jackson County

Highway: WIS 54

Location: Black River Falls to City Point

Schedule: April 29 to late July 2019

Cost: $10 million

Description: This project will consist of 26 miles of cold-in-place recycling, milling and hot asphalt mix overlay along WIS 54.

Traffic Impacts: Motorists can expect minor delays caused by temporary flagging operations. WIS 54 will be open to traffic throughout the project.

Highway: I-94

Location: Black River Falls to Tomah

Schedule: June 10 to June 28

Cost: $197,000

Description: Crews will perform emergency repairs on a two-mile highway segment. Work being performed includes milling and hot mix asphalt (HMA) paving.

Traffic Impacts: I-94 will remain open. Single lane closures will be maintained throughout the project.

Pierce County

Highway: US 10

Location: Ellsworth to Durand

Schedule: May 28 to September 2019

Cost: $1.7 million

Description: Crews will reconstruct the Plum Creek Bridge.

Traffic Impacts: US 10 will remain open to traffic. On June 24, traffic will be switched onto the temporary roadway. This will be a single lane bypass controlled by temporary signals and flagging operations.

Sawyer County

Highway: WIS 27

Location: City of Hayward, South Dakota Avenue; West Carol Drive to US 63

Schedule: March 25 to June 28, 2019 & September 3, 2019 to November 2019

Cost: $4 million

Description: Construction between March 25 to June 28 will occur between West Carol Drive and US 63. The existing 4-lane roadway between the Namekagon River Bridge and US 63 will be converted to a 5-lane roadway with the addition of a center Two-Way Left Turn Lane. The bridge will have the existing surface layer milled and overlaid. The existing 4-lane roadway from West Carol Drive to Michigan Avenue will be converted to a 3-lane roadway what includes one lane in each direction and a center Two-Way Left Turn Lane. Existing curb, gutter, sidewalk and signage will remain in place.

Construction from September 3 to November 1 will occur between the Namekagon River Bridge and Michigan Avenue. The County Highway B intersection will be reconstructed with new signals, storm sewer and pavement. Traffic signals will be added at Railroad Street. Final signal synchronization between the County Highway B, Railroad Street and US 63 signals will be completed at this time.

Traffic Impacts: One lane of traffic will be open in each direction throughout the duration of the project. Motorists should expect to encounter travel delay due to lane closures and flagging operations. No traffic impacts will occur on holidays such as Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Highway: US 63

Location: Between WIS 27 and Larsen Road, near Hayward, WI

Schedule: April 1 to July 2019

Cost: $4.7 million

Description: The project involves removing existing concrete roadway surface, crushing that concrete, and reusing it as base. The new surface will be asphalt. The Hospital Road intersection will be reconstructed on a new alignment. 12 mainline culvert pipes will be replaced. New signs, pavement marking, and beam guard will be installed.

Traffic Impacts: US 63 will be closed beginning on April 8, with two detours in place. Heavy truck traffic will be routed from Hayward north on WIS 27 to US 2 and then east to the US 63 intersection (near Ashland/Ino). The car detour will be from Hayward east on WIS 77 to County Highway OO, continuing north on County Highway OO to the US 63 intersection (near Seeley). Local traffic will maintain access.

Highway: WIS 27

Location: Between WIS 40 to WIS 70

Schedule: June 17 to August 2019

Cost: $1.7 million

Description: Scrub Seal and Fog Seal operations will occur along WIS 27. Pavement will also be marked.

Traffic Impacts: Work will be performed under traffic utilizing moving single lane closures with flagging operations during day-light hours. Two-way traffic will be maintained during night time hours. WIS 27 and connecting side roads will be open to two-way traffic during all times when work is not being performed.

St. Croix County

Highway: I-94

Location: 130th Street and Kinnickinnic River Bridges, between Hudson and Baldwin

Schedule: April 1, 2019 to July 2020

Cost: $17 million

Description: Proposed improvements include replacing four structures (two over 130TH street and two over Kinnickinnic River), concrete placement, and sign and sign structures.

Traffic Impacts: During construction, I-94 will remain open to traffic. Closures will occur on the inside shoulders of both eastbound and westbound I-94.

Trempealeau County

Highway: I-94

Location: Eau Claire to Osseo

Schedule: April 9, 2019 to October 2020

Cost: $10 million

Description: This is a comprehensive road improvement project. Work performed on the project will include excavation and placement of base, concrete paving, hot-mix asphalt paving, standard paving, beam guard installation, pavement marking, signing, fencing, mechanically stabilized earth wall installation, and bridge replacements.

Traffic Impacts: An eastbound shoulder closure will be maintained along I-94 for the duration of the project. Eastbound and westbound passing lane closures will be maintained for the week of June 23. These closures will be in effect from 6 p.m. on Tuesday to 11 a.m. on Thursday. Weekly closures will be maintained on Thursday nights at 6 p.m. and conclude at 9 a.m. on Fridays. Closures will be used to conduct night work.

Highway: US 53

Location: Beaches Corner

Schedule: April 8, 2019 to July 2019

Cost: $815,000

Description: Bridge replacement project over Beaver Creek.

Traffic Impacts: Motorists can expect single lane closures with temporary traffic signals.

Highway: County Highway D

Location: Ettrick, WI to WIS 95

Schedule: May 6 to June 28, 2019

Cost: $265,000

Description: Crews will remove and replace the Big French Creek Bridge.

Traffic Impacts: County Highway D is closed at the bridge and will remain closed for the duration of the project. No detour will be posted.

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