Burnett County Government Center, Courthouse

Burnett County Health Department has updated its COVID-19 Plan which originally was prepared in March. A change is that all of the government buildings will be closed to the public except by appointment beginning on September 28 due to "the rapid increase of cases within Burnett County, and in order to maintain continuity of services."

"While the front doors of the Burnett County Government Center will not be locked, signage indicating access by appointment only will be placed on the doors," the plan says. The goal is to limit movement within the facilities and reduce the opportunity for COVID-19 transmission.

"If this effort proves ineffective, the front doors will be locked and we will re-establish a screening and access station, similar to what was in place during our original closure," the plan says.

Though the plan is specifically to give guidance to Burnett County department heads and employees on Burnett County’s plans for responding to the "rapidly evolving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) public health emergency," it contains general information such as recommendations for preventing the spread of the disease (including avoiding non-essential gatherings of 20 or more people), steps for cleaning and disinfecting, and workplace modifications.

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