Spooner Memorial Library nonfiction

Spooner Memorial Library’s non-fiction selections will be upgraded thanks to donations.

A generous donation from two patrons is making it possible for Spooner Memorial Library to upgrade its non-fiction holdings, both in the children’s and the adult’s section.

In the coming months you will see weeding, dusting, tossing, and recycling in the aisles. More importantly though, you will see us unpacking, cataloging and putting out shiny new non-fiction books full of fascinating information. Make sure you check out our new books.

Is there a non-fiction area you are particularly interested in that you feel needs more attention? Please let us know. As always, we want to meet the needs of our patrons.

Also, $2,000 of the donation also covers a visit of an author that we would not otherwise have been able to invite. Look for more information about this in the coming weeks.

We are excited about this opportunity that would not have been possible without this generous donation.

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