WOODRUFF– Are you fascinated by insects? Do you have have a budding entomologist at home? Wondering what bugs are roaming around nearby? Looking for an interesting road trip?

The University of Wisconsin-Madison entomology department will host the first-ever Wisconsin Insect Fest at the Kemp Natural Resources Station (Woodruff; Oneida County) on July 26-27. The event is free, open to the public, and will feature activities for a wide range of ages over two days.

A full list of WIF activities can be found here. Activities include:

> The Great Wisconsin Bug Hunt: It doesn’t matter if it’s been decades since you last collected an insect or if you’re a regular insect observer — The Great Wisconsin Bug Hunt offers a chance to join entomologists and fellow insect enthusiasts to see just how many different arthropods can be spotted at the Kemp station in a single day — including light trapping after sundown on Friday evening in conjunction with National Moth Week.

Don’t have that old insect net lying around anymore? Don’t worry — spares will be available on loan.

> Talks on identifying common insects, how to collect insects, forensic entomology, and more.

> Outings to discover the insects and other arthropods at the Kemp station.

> A hands-on workshop on how to properly pin and preserve insects to make one's own collection.

> A children’s insect scavenger hunt.

For more information:, the Facebook Event Page, hashtag #WiInsectFest on Twitter.


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