Beginning Wednesday, Sept. 16, state-funded trails will be closed. However, from September 16 through November 30 the Burnett County Forest woods trails and forest roads are open for ATV/UTV use.

That means people can ride their registered ATV/UTV on any woods trail, snowmobile trail, and ATV trail that is located on county forest lands and is not bermed, gated, or signed as closed and it is at least 8 feet wide. A rule of thumb is that if a truck can be driven down the trail, then an ATV/UTV can go down it. No off-trail use is allowed, and operation on private lands is illegal without permission from the private landowner.

All of the trails are currently multi-use trails. This means that any street-legal, licensed vehicle can use the trails during this time (cars or trucks for example). The trails are no longer being maintained during this time of year.

For those reasons, the State-Funded Summer Use ATV Trail System is officially closed, even though riders can still ride the majority of the same trails because they are located on county forest lands and township roads that currently allow for the use of ATV/UTVs during this time of year.

It is illegal to ride an ATV/UTV on the Gandy Dancer Trail in Burnett County south of Hwy. 77 at this time of year.

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