Minong Flowage Dam

MINONG– A drawdown of the Minong Flowage will begin this week so repairs can be made to the gunite, the wear shield over the face of the dam that the water flows over. The material is flaking off the structure.

The flowage will be drawn down 1 foot starting on Wednesday, Aug. 14. The full drawdown will be complete on Monday, Aug. 19, and the dam repairs will begin.

“Without weather delays, repairs to the dam are scheduled to take approximately three weeks,” the Washburn County Highway Department said. “Normal pool elevations should be restored by September 9th, 2019, pending no weather delays.”

The 1,587-acre flowage with its 24 miles of shoreline spans a portion of the towns of Minong and Wascott. At its deepest it is 21 feet, though 14.5 percent is less than 3 feet. A dam built in 1937 for hydropower impounded water from the Totagatic River and from Cranberry Creek which flowed south from Cranberry Lake. A pair of boat landings and the Totagatic County Park are public access points.

More information on the project and a future drawdown to eradicate some of the Eurasian milfoil is at https://www.apg-wi.com/spooner_advocate/paywall/drawdown-dam-is-peeling/article_e3b87c6c-8eab-11e9-ad2e-3fc5ce668cfd.html.

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