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A 13th Washburn County resident has passed away from a confirmed case of COVID-19.

That person was the second in two days, bringing the total of deaths related to COVID-19 in Washburn County to 13.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of this individual. Our thoughts are with them,” the Washburn County Health Department said.

As of Tuesday, Jan. 5, the county had registered another 51 confirmed cases since December 28, eight days, for a total of 1,051, with 978 recovered and 60 still active. Another 70 cases were listed as “probable” – nine of those still active – and two people's deaths were listed as probably due to COVID-19.

The county's listing of active cases may be higher than what the state Department of Health Services lists in its daily updates because the state department counts recovered cases based on time of onset, while the county department continues to see some cases because of hospitalization or because the disease has kept its hold beyond the 10 days.

Burnett County confirmed on Monday the loss of two more of its residents due to COVID-19 complications. Twenty-one of the county's residents have died from COVID-19 or its complications since the pandemic began.

The county has had 1,092 positive cases as of Tuesday, with 926 recovered and 130 being monitored.

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