Brickyard Pottery

Virginia and Jason Streitz share a moment of joyful creativity as the new owners of Brickyard Pottery in Barronett.

Last fall a young potter and painter, Virginia Streitz, along with her musician husband, Jason, and their two daughters, Addie and Etta, uprooted their lives from Minneapolis and moved 100 miles northeast to take the reins of Brickyard Pottery.

Jason and Virginia instantly fell in love with the undeniable charm of the old schoolhouse as well as the surrounding Northwoods community

The Streitz family said it feels very lucky to step in and take over a business that was created from the ground up by Brian and Mary Dosch over the previous 40 years.

Virginia’s artistic vision is to continue much of the celebrated glaze designs that many have come to love over the years, as well as introduce her own new style.

While bringing in new artists’ work, Jason and Virginia have been thrilled to continue the relationship with all of the local artists represented in the gallery. Those works include pottery, paintings, jewelry, textiles, woodwork, stained glass, metal work, glass, and more.

Virginia has chosen to donate a green and blue platter to Glenview Assisted Living’s “2020 Art for Glenview” fundraiser. It will join the many creations donated by other local artists.

Other offerings include paintings by Jeff Hile, Rhonda Swanson, and Mary Jacobs; wooden vases made by David and Jeneice Haessig; and fall decorations made by the artists from the Twisted Antler.

The 2020 Art for Glenview’s offerings will be featured on Glenview’s Facebook page in the coming weeks.

The online auction bidding will begin on October 1 and end on October 30. The winning bidders will be able to collect their new artwork in the first week of November.

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