Suspicious package geocache box

This suspicious package found on a Rice Lake walking trail that was investigated by a bomb squad Thursday turned out to be a geocache box.

RICE LAKE – A suspicious item found along a walking trail in Rice Lake turned out not to be an explosive device but instead a geocache box.

Rice Lake officers were called to the Cedar Side Walking Trail near West South Street at about 3:40 p.m. on Thursday, April 22, for a suspicious package placed next to a tree beside the trail. The cylindrical package was wrapped in electrical tape and capped at both ends.

The trail was closed off and Marathon County Bomb Squad was called to assist. The squad x-rayed the package and determined it was not an explosive device.

Bomb technicians said it had been a good idea to call them in because they had seen bombs before that looked like the object, Captain Matthew Bach said.

The Rice Lake Police also were assisted by the Rice Lake Fire Department.

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