From Emergency Services annual report, 2019

BARRON COUNTY– The Barron County Sheriff's Department has published its annual community report that outlines most of the projects completed over the previous year and gives an overview of active initiatives for the next year.

An example in the 31-page report is the July 15th windstorm that caused extensive tree damage throughout Barron County. Due to the heavy fuel load on the forest floor, there is a significant concern of brush fires with the upcoming fire season.

Due to the increased hazard, the Barron County 911 Center will automatically page the closest three fire departments to all confirmed brush fires, beginning this spring. This new dispatch procedure will be in-place for several years until the fuel load has decreased.

This will allow the primary department to focus on access and control, the second department to focus on preventing spread into higher fuel loads, and the third department to focus on structure protection.

The Department of Natural Resources is also planning to take a proactive stance regarding brush fires by deploying heavy equipment to non-DNR areas and staging aerial suppression resources in closer proximity to Barron County.

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