Susanne von Schroeder

Susanne von Schroeder is Arts in Hand Gallery’s current featured artist.

SPOONER– “Nature has been very healing and very important in my whole life,” said Susanne von Schroeder, featured artist currently exhibiting her nature photography at Arts in Hand Gallery in downtown Spooner.

Immigrating from Germany 30 years ago, Schroeder went into business with a greenhouse located north of Bruce in Rusk County. Her interest in nature photography started when she took photos of her own flowers.

The greenhouse is long gone, “but I wanted to do a better job, so I got serious about [photography] around 2007,”she said.

In her artist statement, von Schroeder writes, “I am completely self-taught and am constantly learning new techniques.” Her preferred subjects are landscapes in northern Wisconsin and the Lake Superior area.

“I also enjoy close-ups and abstracts that I see in my surroundings,” she said.

She achieves an abstract effect with panning.

“It’s intentional movement of the camera – if you do it with trees, it looks like an abstract painting,” von Schroeder said.

Some of her scenes are ethereal and breath-taking. People ask her how she does that.

“I do like color – it’s just my camera,” said von Shroeder, who uses a Nikon digital camera. Half of it is taking the photo; the other half is working in the digital darkroom post-processing to enhance the image.

“I try to keep it as natural as I can – some people think it’s too much color,” she said.

Von Schroeder has exhibited at the Heyde Center for the Arts in Chippewa Falls.As a member of the Rusk Area Alliance, her work has been on display in Ladysmith. She participates in art shows such as the large summer show in Bayfield, where she has received Best in Show awards. She is also a regular contributor to “Our Wisconsin” magazine.

“Most of us are so caught in the mundane day-to-day living that we forget the magic and beauty surrounding us and we need reminders,” said Schroeder. “When my photography can be that reminder, it has served its purpose.”

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