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On behalf of the Washburn County Board of Supervisors, the Community Alliance for Prevention (CAP) of Washburn County is now accepting applications for 2020 Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Prevention mini-grants (up to $1,000 per proposal), with $7,500 allotted for substance abuse prevention efforts that must benefit Washburn County residents.

Examples of substance abuse prevention projects may include but are not limited to alcohol- and drug-free post-prom parties, guest speakers, town hall meetings, and summer community programs. Prevention efforts should educate the community on the current trends in alcohol and drug prevention efforts, current statistics, and/or what can be done to lower the amount of alcohol, drugs, and nicotine abuse in the communities.

Each project is required to convey a message of substance abuse prevention.

Completed proposal applications must be received by February 28, and award notices will be by April 1.

“This is a great opportunity to be creative in prevention efforts to protect our youth, strengthen our community, and promote the health of our communities in Washburn County,” CAP said.

For further information: Tammy Holman, CAP chair and Washburn County AODA prevention specialist, or 715.645.9032.


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