Aaron Miller and Amanda E. Nickels

A man and woman whose Facebook conversations allegedly led to conspiring to sexually assault two females has landed them in jail.

Amanda E. Nickels, 33, of Spooner and Aaron R. Miller, 31, of Rice Lake have been charged with conspiring to have intercourse with a person without that person’s consent, intending to get that person pregnant, and conspiring to have intercourse with a second person under the age of 16.

They could face up to 60 years in prison if convicted on the first charge and 40 on the second.

Alleged crimes

According to the criminal complaints filed in their cases:

In response to a search warrant, Facebook downloaded and provided the conversations between Nickels and Miller that began on May 3.

In their early conversations as they got to know each other, the two talked about their families and activities they liked. Nickels asked “quite early in the conversation” if Miller would like to be her boyfriend, and he said he wanted to take it slowly.

They shared photos of themselves, and a young girl was in one of the photos with Nickels. That apparently sparked Miller to tell Nickels that he would like to have sex with a girl who has not reached puberty, possibly one 6 to 7 years old.

Their talking over social medai continued, and Nickels said she would like to have him as her boyfriend only but could help him find “younger girls” they could have sex with if he wanted.

Miller also alleged that he had sexually assaulted girls younger than they were talking about but they did not know it because they did not know what it was.

At one point Nickels sent him a photo of a possible child and said she was looking for another. She reportedly asked if it would be OK if the second is 13 to 14 years old, but he said he “wants someone that doesn’t know.” He also said she should tell the child he cannot have children.

They reportedly talked about finding someone in the 9 to 10 age range.

Nickels continues to tell him she is trying to find a girl, and he continues to say he is doubtful the “3 sum” will happen. He also repeatedly tells her he will not go visit her if she does not find a girl for them.

On May 19 they talk about a potential child and where they could meet.

Nickels and Miller appear to have a falling out at one point, and Nickels worries about going to jail, and Miller says he does not want to do their plan anymore or have a relationship.

They talk more about a potential assault on May 24, and Miller mentions he would not mind if the girls become pregnant.

On May 26, Nickels tells Miller the police want to talk to her, and they reconsider whether they want to continue with their plan.

Nickels notes that she is still trying to locate a second girl.

The criminal complaint said that Miller deleted much of his conversation with Nickels from his Facebook account. A portion was recovered, however, and it matched Nickels’ Facebook account.


The alleged crimes were uncovered when a witness went to Rice Lake police and told them that Nickels had asked the second female over Facebook Messenger whether she and her friends would like to have sex with Nickels and her boyfriend.

The Rice Lake police passed the information on to the Spooner police on May 25.

Nickels was questioned at the Spooner police station by a Spooner officer and Washburn County Sheriff’s Office investigator on May 26.

She reportedly initially told police Miller was a female, they only had videochatted, and she blocked the number after the threesome request.

She later admitted he was her boyfriend and said she only asked the second female about having sex together (and later admitted to asking two) but then stopped the conversations because she did not want to get in trouble and had said no to a threesome.

Nickels told the investigator that Miller had asked her about finding girls for three or four days, maybe a week.

Miller was taken into custody on June 4.


In addition to the charges to sexually assault the victims, Miller is charged with using a computer to facilitate a crime.

A preliminary hearing for Nickels is scheduled for August 17, and Miller’s hearing will be on August 24 in Washburn County Circuit Court.

A $10,000 cash bond was set for Miller on June 8 with the provision that he have no contact with Nickels or anyone under the age of 18 and the he not use electronics.

A $2,000 signature bond was set for Nickels on June 8. She is banned from contacting Miller, using electronics, and being in contact with anyone under 18.

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