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An additional $86 million will be given to Wisconsin's local and tribal health departments to help alleviate the immense strain the pandemic has placed on public health departments across the state.

The money will be dedicated to offsetting expenses related to COVID-19, such as vaccine administration, testing, and contact tracing.

“Our local and tribal health departments have been – and continue to be – on the frontlines of responding to the pandemic here in Wisconsin,” said Gov. Tony Evers. “Their dedicated health officers and staff have helped keep us safe, and we must provide them with the funding they need to continue doing just that.”

The $86 million comes from the Epidemiology and Lab Capacity grant given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and each local and tribal health department will receive funding tied to the population of its jurisdiction.

“As we expand ways in which people can get vaccinated from COVID-19, our local and tribal health departments continue to be significant critical partners in that work, like they have been for testing and tracing,” said DHS Secretary-designee Andrea Palm. “This funding recognizes the key role our public health partners play in keeping our state healthy and safe.”

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