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If you would like to cancel your subscription, or to have an automatically-renewing subscription not renew again, please select from the following 2 options. Please note that your subscription only renews automatically if you paid through the website with a credit card and you are charged monthly. All others will expire after the term you originally paid for and will only renew if you initiate a new transaction.If you paid for your subscription in an office or over the phone, please contact that publication's office to cancel. Phone numbers are 715-682-2313 for the Ashland Daily Press and the Bayfield County Journal, 715-634-4881 for the Sawyer County Record, 715-635-2181 for the Spooner Advocate, 715-339-3036 for the Price County Review, and 715-234-2121 for the Rice Lake Chronotype.If you purchased your subscription online via our website, please fill out the following information:

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