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Tuesday Afternoon Mixed


Halloween is mere days away. What a joy it was in my childhood. Roaming the dark streets clad in whatever outfit we could piece together at ho…

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Rebecca Fisher of State Farm Insurance and hairstylist Dutch Shultz of The Hair Garage hosted Kuts for Kids on Sept. 1 outside their businesse…


As pet owners, we are the first line of care for our animals. At the shelter, the staff is the first line of care.


My friend's son is getting a haircut. No, he's not a little boy, sitting tall and proud or hunched and cringing in the barber's chair. He just…


I bet we've all noticed that it has been really hot recently! We can take off layers of clothing, alter the kind of clothing we wear or wear n…

Having Bette Davis eyes is not a compliment. At least it’s not if you go by the lyrics of the song made popular by Kim Carnes back in the 1980…