As we trickle down into the new year it may seem that it will be great to have 2020 behind us. Without some sort of grand public awakening I fear the worst of tragedies within human history will once again repeat themselves.

COVID-19 is real. I don’t know when or where I was infected but oddly enough I began to feel symptoms on the evening of election day when the pandemic “would be over” because it was all just a democratic hoax. I know people who have died from it and their deaths were not due to other causes or falsely determined to be due to COVID-19. Viruses have been the greatest foe of humanity, killing more people than all the wars we humans make against one another, yet we the people of the United States spend more money on war and the military than all other causes combined. Once again, the infinite greed of the few has, as so many previous times in history, brought us to many sufferings. Yes, as anybody that knows me understands, I think Trump is a disgusting morally bankrupt loser, yet he is just a symptom of a much bigger problem.

There is an unconstitutional caste system in the United States and they print money, give it to themselves and COVID-19 trickle it down to the working class that turns nature’s raw materials into things we need and want, the working class also provides all the services we have. Instead of well-meaning compassionate leaders working for the good of all, we have top feeding parasites running the S&M clown show. The demolicans and republicrats are just two divisions of the same monetary system monopolizing party; they purposefully divide us.

The good thing about the Trump era and this COVID-19 pandemic is that it has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that a class of people own a private unconstitutional monopoly over our money supply. If I were a university economics professor, I would give Trump, Biden, even Bernie Sanders, all the Senate and House of Representatives a capital F grade. They have reduced themselves into silver spoon spoiled brats that believe money can solve everything because it has for them their entire bourgeoisie prima donna lives.

Although using rare metals as money gave money a real value, a return to the gold standard won’t work because the owner investor class already has the majority of all the gold. I believe we need to convert to a publicly owned constitutional monetary system based on the value of goods and services. If you study U.S. history, a real Republican, Abraham Lincoln, did just that. He and the U.S. Congress issued green back dollars, legal tender, independent of the nobility class of international bankers.

Think about this, make up your own mind. With clear thought and humane vision we will get through this and make a better future for all.

Ken Driessen


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