The spring election was held in Sawyer County and throughout Wisconsin Tuesday, April 6, with numerous local offices on the ballot along with one state-wide race.

In the contest for state superintendent of education, Jill Underly won with 57 percent of the vote, while Deborah Kerr received 43 percent. Underly replaces incumbent Carolyn Stanford Taylor, who did not run for re-election.

In Sawyer County, with all 22 precincts reporting, the tally was close, as Kerr received 1,384 votes and Underly received 1,360 votes.

Judge Gregory Gill Jr. won the contest for District Three (Northern Wisconsin) Court of Appeals Judge with 57 percent of the vote, while Rick Cveykus received 43 percent. In Sawyer County, the totals were 1,390 for Gill and 1,030 for Cveykus.

Judge John M. Yackel was re-elected as Sawyer County Circuit Court Judge with 2,297 votes; he was unopposed on the ballot.

Three incumbents on the Hayward Community School District Board of Education were re-elected, running unopposed. They are Linda Plante, 1,436 votes; Stacey Hessel, 1,370; and Derek Hand, 1,383.

In the City of Hayward, all candidates were unopposed on the ballot. The vote totals were: Charlie Munich, Mayor, 208; Harold Johnson Sr., District One alderperson, 37; Gary Gillis, District Two alderperson, 24;Ward Williamson, District Three alderperson, 54; and Linda Hand, District Four Alderperson, 67. Hand replaces Al Voight, who did not run for re-election.

Town board officers who were elected in this area were:

Bass Lake: All incumbents were re-elected: Justin Hall, Chairperson, 222; Marshall Savitski, supervisor, 181; Bob Hammond, supervisor, 196; Kari Aderman, treasurer, 232.

Cable (Bayfield County): Chairperson—Malcolm Haag, 189; Jack Radecki, 150. Haag replaces Brett Rondeau, who did not run for reelection.

Supervisors (top four elected): David Popelka, 226; Tony Merrill (incumbent), 183; Kyle R. Weber, 176; Dean A. Hambrecht, 173; Ken Click, 160; Elaine “Bunkie” Miller, 149.

Bayfield County Circuit Judge: John P. Anderson (incumbent), 248; Vincent S. Kurta, 62.

Couderay: Chairperson, Jim Bassett, 31; Supervisor 1, Jeff Hoehne, 31; Supervisor 2, Philip Miles, 32.

Edgewater: Pete Baribeau, chairperson, 67; supervisor, Bill Zimmer, 67.

Hayward: Gary Gedart was re-elected as the new chairperson replacing Jeff Homuth, who did not run for re-election. Elected as supervisors to fill the two open positions were Henry Bearhart, 320 votes, and Andrea Wittwer, 292 votes. Ron Siemers finished third with 291 votes.

Hunter: The incumbents were re-elected: Laura Rusk, chairperson, 73; Kay Ryan, supervisor, 68; James Dier, supervisor, 65; Patty Swaffield, clerk, 75; and Cindy Gutsch, treasurer, 73.

Lenroot; The incumbents were re-elected: Gordon Christians, chairperson, 206 (a scattering of 44 votes were recorded for other candidates); Jack Sjostrom, supervisor, 203; Michael Bandow, supervisor, 185; Carol Stone, clerk, 255; Rebecc Brunner-Stroede, treasurer, 242.

Meteor: Dale Olson, chairperson, 39; supervisors (two elected)—Elleyn Welling, 36; Zachary Wite, 31; clerk—Clarence Ed Frey, 39; treasurer, Ann Korman, 37.

Round Lake: Rolfe Hanson, chairperson (incumbent), 233. Supervisors (top two elected)—Kay Wilson (incumbent), 156; Ginny Chabek, (incumbent), 165. Jim Strandlund, 137. Clerk, Kathy McCoy (incumbent), 249; treasurer, Vickie Palya (incumbent), 253.

Sand Lake: All incumbents re-elected:Robert Langham, chairperson, 107; supervisors—Edgar Gregory, Supervisor 1, 18; George Shedivy, Supervisor 2, 107; Elaine Nyberg, clek, 113; Joan Rainville, treasurer, 114.

Spider Lake: Chairperson—Tim Sheldon, incumbent, 206; supervisors (top two elected)—Sarah Delaney, incumbent, 155; Mark Johns, 145; Mike Lemmimger, incumbent, 85; clerk—Chelsea Tripodi, incumbent, 241;treasurer—Kathy Overman, incumbent, 213.

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