It’s a long way from 11320 Highway 63 in Hayward, Wisconsin, to 234 Starr St. in Brooklyn, New York. But if you miss the old Turk’s Inn here, you now can go to The Turk’s Inn in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. It’s 1,228 miles from Hayward and your driving time is 20 hours, but people have traveled farther than that for a good meal, not to mention a nostalgic one.

First-time restaurateurs Varun Kataria and Tyler Erickson have recreated the legendary supper club, which served local, national and international figures of celebrity, politics and fame from 1934 to 2014 in Hayward. The popular and iconic supper club was hailed for its décor and Turkish food, including dry-aged steaks, but it was the family who owned and operated it — George “The Turk” Gogian, his wife Isabelle “Mom,” and their daughter Beatrice, “Marge” — who became the heart and soul of its reputation and legacy.

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