A 200-acre parcel deeded to the Town of Bass Lake by Sawyer County 87 years ago for “highway beautification and park purposes” has achieved its higher purpose with the dedication of the Bass Lake Henks Park.

The park was developed by the town board with revenue from the American Transmission Company (ATC) environmental fee and was officially opened Memorial Day weekend. The parking lot and trailhead are several hundred yards west of Highway 27, about one-half mile south of Windigo Lake and the Courte Oreilles Portage Trail state historical marker.

Town facilities foreman Truit Campbell constructed improvements at the site, including the trails, a concrete toilet that is rated to withstand tornados, a wooden gazebo, a rail fence overlooking Lily Pond, and a trail leading to a picnic table and grill and a pier on the pond. 

“It’s very scenic going down through there,” said Town Chairman Justin Hall.

The three miles of constructed non-motorized trails wind around marshes on both sides of Henks Road, and include a bridge between twin ponds. The trails are open for hiking in the warm-weather months and for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

Park hours are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Camping, overnight parking, horse-riding, fires and alcohol are not allowed in the park. Snowmobiles are allowed during the winter on designated snowmobile trails. The park is closed to everyone except deer hunters during the firearms deer seasons.

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