Fall is lovely. And it’s not only the leaves of trees that are stunning. The blueberry bushes have purple and navy blue leaves, the peonies have orange and purple leaves and the grape leaves have every shade of red. Is it just me or are the maple leaves a brighter orange and scarlet than ever? So much color everywhere to delight our eyes. But remember the old Polish saying about autumn: “Pietnie, ale idzie zimza,” meaning “Beautiful, but winter is coming.”

Lions Halloween Party: It gets better and better. Stone Lake Lumber has provided $200 in gift certificates to the hardware store for costume prizes. For each category, first prize will be $25, second prize is $10 and third prize is $5. The categories are: ages 0 to 5 years of age, 6 years to 10 years of age, 11 years to 15 years of age, and 16 years and up. The judging will be in the middle of the party at 5 p.m.

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