On Patrol

Monday, July 1

0243: EMS call, Vogel Rd., Hayward.

0609: EMS call, Hayward.

0749: Suspicious person, Hayward Beach.

0837: EMS call, Hayward Hospital.

0912: Disturbance, Hwy. E.

0913: Trespass complaint, Subway, Hayward.

0923: Fraud, Sheriff’s lobby.

0958: Suspicious vehicle, vehicle trail system.

1006: Suspicious person, Hwy. E.

1009: EMS call, Little Casino, LCO.

1119: Recovered property, Sheriff’s lobby.

1145: EMS call, Hwy. 70, Winter Township.

1156: EMS call, Casino, LCO.

1218: Burglary, Daycare Dr., LCO.

1257: EMS call, Stonewood Ct., Hayward.

1304: Suspicious person, Hwy. 27.

1307: Jail complaint, Hayward.

1314: Unwanted subject, Neezh St., LCO.

1343: Fireworks complaint, Ham Holly Dr., Sand Lake Township.

1430: Hit-run accident, Hayward Sports Center.

1554: Jail complaint, Hayward.

1621: Car-deer accident, Hwy. 63 and Larsen Rd., Lenroot Township.

1632: Fraud, Hoffer Rd.

1645: EMS call, Sandy Point Rd. LCO.

1751: EMS call, Hwy. B, Hayward.

1803: Shots fired, McDonald’s, Hayward.

1844: EMS call, Hwy. DD, Edgewater Township.

1858: Assist another agency, Hwy. 40.

1920: Harassment, Ranger Station Rd and Hwy. 27, Hayward.

1931: Unwanted subject, Neezh St., LCO.

1951: Suspicious person, Hwy. CC, Hunter Township.

2120: Shots fired, Reinke St., Hayward.

2133: EMS call, Hunter Lake Rd., Winter Township.

2151: Assist citizen, Cenex, Hayward.

2243: Suspicious person, Timber Bay Candles.

2345: Suspicious person, Thoroughfare Rd., LCO.

Tuesday, July 2

0008: Vehicle in ditch, Hwy. E-Hwy. N.

0019: Disturbance, Popple Town Rd., LCO.

0259: EMS call, Ranger Station Rd., Hayward.

0308: Disturbance, Bacon Strip, LCO.

0547: Road hazard, Hwy. K at K-Town, LCO.

0726: EMS call, Schoolhouse Rd., LCO.

0741: Accident, Hwy. E.

0742: Suspicious person, Hwy. E.

0745: EMS call, Koeppler Rd., Ojibwa Township.

0940: Suspicious person, Schoolhouse Rd., LCO.

0955: Jail complaint, Hayward.

1239: Wanted person, arrest.

1240: Civil matter, Conger Rd., LCO.

1251: Child custody issue, Akikaandag L., LCO.

1302: EMS call, rusk County.

1312: Accident, Hwy. E at Morningside Ln.

1418: Theft, Martin St., Radisson.

1425: Trespass, Snowshoe Ave., Hayward.

1440: Welfare check, Hwy. T, Lenroot Township.

1451: Bond violation, Jail, Hayward.

1510: Accident, Hwy. B and Hwy. K, Hayward Township.

1520: Accident, McClaine Rd., Round Lake Township.

1550: Disturbance, Hayward.

1658: Criminal damage to property, Hwy. B and Thunderbird Rd., Round Lake Township.

1706: Fire call, LCO Store.

1715: Suspicious person, Hwy. N.

1719: Accident, Angler’s, Main St., Hayward.

1746: EMS call, Treeland Rd., Hunter Township.

2028: Suspicious person, Hayward Beach.

2036: Erratic driver, Nisway St., LCO.

2130: Domestic disturbance, Winter Dr., Hayward.

2140: Welfare check, Hwy. 27, Sand Lake Township.

2149: EMS call, Ellen St., Winter.

2159: Erratic driver, Hwy. K and Peninsula Rd.

2236: Drug complaint, LCO Casino.

2301: Extra patrol request, Drytown Ave., LCO.

2311: Erratic driver, Hwy. 27-Hwy. K, Bass Lake Township.

2327: Injury accident, Old Hwy. 70, Ojibwa Township.

Wednesday, July 3

0032: Criminal damage to property, Moccasin Dr., LCO.

0204: Juvenile alcohol incident, LCO Casino.

0703: Jail complaint, Hayward.

0705: Criminal damage to property, Sennses.

0854: EMS call, Guard St., Hayward.

0933: Assist citizen, Ogilvie Ave., Radisson.

1029: Fire call, Boxing Camp Ln., Sand Lake Township.

1046: Wanted person, Probation office, Hayward.

1052: EMS call, Fleur De Lane, Sand Lake Township.

1107: Fire call, Circle Rd., Bass Lake Township.

1118: Theft from vehicle, Chapel Rd., Edgewater Township.

1126: Criminal damage to property, Twin Lake Tap.

1235: Threat, Sheriff’s lobby, Hayward.

1257: EMS call, Metcalf Rd.

1258: Injury accident, Metcalf Rd.

1328: EMS call, Greenwood Ln., Hayward.

1439: Probation violation, Hwy. 63, Hayward.

1442: Suicidal person, Hwy. 63, Hayward.

1529: EMS call, Nyman Ave., Hayward.

1531: Criminal damage to property, Lilly Pad Ln., LCO.

1611: Accident, Hayward.

1614: Assist another agency, Hwy. 27-Hwy. 77, L enroot Township.

1622: Harassment, 3rd St., Hayward.

1629: EMS call, Hoff Ct., Hayward.

1749: EMS call, Rusk County.

1819: EMS call, Hayward Hospital.

1840: Erratic driver, 4th St. and Wisconsin Ave., Hayward.

1850: Disturbance, Hwy. N.

1926: Domestic disturbance, Hwy. 63.

1956: Civil matter, Hwy. 27-70, Radisson Township.

2019: Erratic driver, Reinke St., Hayward.

2047: Fireworks complaint, Norwood Trailer Ct., Winter.

2155: EMS call, Main St., Hayward.

2201: Domestic disturbance, Norwood Trailer Ct., Winter.

2217: Suspicious person, Hwy. NN.

2225: Welfare check, Water St., Hayward.

2235: EMS call, Hwy. 63, Hayward.

2249: Fireworks complaint, Hunter Lake Rd., Winter Township.

2258: EMS call, White Birch Ln., Hayward.

2315: EMS call, Hwy. C, Weirgor.

Thursday, July 4

0008: Missing adult, Chippewa Flowage.

0009: Fire call, Anderson Rd., Hayward.

0027: Accident, Hwy. 27-70 at Larson Ln., Sand Lake Township.

0223: EMS call, Stubbins Ave., Sand Lake Township.

0259: Fireworks complaint, Bandishimong St., LCO.

0348: Vehicle theft, Water St., LCO.

0651: Accident, Hwy. 77-Peninsula Rd.

0653: Assist citizen, Rub-a-Dub Laundry, Hayward.

0751: EMS call, Edgewood Dr.

0808: EMS call, Price Dam Rd., Winter Township.

0919: Suspicious person, Hwy. 27-Randbow Rd., Bass Lake Township.

1029: EMS call, Hwy. 70, Draper Township.

1051: Car-deer accident, Hwy. CC.

1213: Theft, 3rd St., Hayward.

1219: Erratic driver, Hwy. B-LCO Casino.

1359: Injury accident, Hwy. C and Hwy. 27-70.

1450: Injury accident, Weirgor Rd and Brisk Ln., Radisson Township.

1513: Accident, Phillips 66.

1552: Welfare check, Ellen St., Winter.

1704: Domestic disturbance, 3rd St. and Florida Ave., Hayward.

1725: Fire call, Hwy. 27-70, Radisson Township.

1750: Threat, Neezh St., LCO.

1833: EMS call, 5th St., Hayward.

1905: EMS call, Walmart.

1911: Fire call, Jos R Chafer Rd. and Hwy. C.

2024: Harassment, 4th St., Hayward.

2027: Trespass, Weirgor Rd.

2036: Accident, Marketplace, Hayward.

Friday, June 5

0101: Welfare check, Polish Rd., Weirgor Township.

0128: Noise complaint, Allendale Dr., Sand Lake Township.

0252: Suspicious person, Hwy. B-Rod & Gun Club.

0612: Suspicious person, marketplace, Hayward.

0754: EMS call, Zopp Rd.

1130: Theft, Casino.

1138: Jail complaint, Hayward.

1149: Gas drive-off, Cenex, Hayward.

1157: Harassment, 4th St., Hayward.

1159: EMS call, Kansas Ave., Hayward.

1227: EMS call, Kansas Ave., Hayward.

1307: Accident, Hwy. B at Lumberjack Bowl, Hayward.

1330: Theft, Twin Lake Rd., Round Lake Township.

1347: Welfare check, Remax Building.

1353: Suspicious person, Grand Pines.

1423: Fire call, Hwy. K-Hwy. E, Bass Lake Township.

1457: Intoxicated person, Lundberg Field, Hayward.

1520: Road hazard, Hwy. W, Winter Township.

1538: Road hazard, Hwy. W, Winter Township.

1730: EMS call, Thorsen Rd., Winter Township.

1804: Threat, Hwy. K, Bass Lake Township.

1849: EMS call, Blaisdell Lake Rd., Draper Township.

1859: Car-deer accident, Hwy. 27-Dam Rd., Lenroot Township.

2024: Welfare check, Bluesky Ln.

2049: Drug complaint, Holiday South, Hayward.

2100: Disturbance, hospital parking lot, Hayward.

2122: EMS call, Sun-n-Sno Rd., Round Lake Township.

2132: Road hazard, Hwy. B-S. Shore Rd., Hayward.

2138: Suspicious person, Water Ln., LCO.

2157: EMS call, LCO Casino.

2200: Fireworks complaint, Strom Rd.

2203: Fireworks complaint, Hwy. 27-Anderson Rd.

2214: Fireworks complaint, Reiske Rd.

2317: Disorderly conduct, Dun Rovin Rd., Hunter Township.

Saturday, July 6

0006: EMS call, Home St., Radisson.

0536: Disturbance, Hayward Hospital.

0552: Threat, Hwy. 27-70, Sand Lake Township.

0755: Child abuse/neglect, Gitigaan Rd., Hayward.

0845: Assist another agency, Waawiyetoo Dr., LCO.

0858: Driving complaint, Hwy. 27-Hwy. B, Hayward.

0900: Power line issue, Stone Hill Rd., Bass Lake Township.

0953: Powerline issue, Wonder Ave.-Hwy. K, Bass Lake Township.

1117: Fire call, Oxbo Dr., Draper Township.

1244: Driving complaint, Hwy. 63-Larsen Rd., Lenroot Township.

1350: EMS call, no further information.

1434: Suspicious person, Round Lake School Rd., LCO.

1451: EMS call, John Morton Ln., LCO.

1513: Gas drive-off, Hwy. 27, Sand Lake Township.

1538: Criminal damage to property, Towne View Rd., Hayward.

1550: Fireworks complaint, Peterson Rd,. Lenroot Township.

1604: DNR complaint, Elsie Rd., Sand Lake Township.

1636: Suspicious person, Hwy. B, Hayward.

1707: EMS call, K-Town Rd., LCO.

1733: Injury accident, Trail 31.

1745: EMS call, Risberg Rd., Hayward.

1950: EMS call, Hwy. B, Hayward.

2007: Threat, Post Ave., Bass Lake Township.

2011: EMS call, Main St., Hayward.

2111: Carbon monoxide call, Hwy. K-LCO.

2141: Disturbance, Hwy. E-Skunawong Ln., LCO.

2211: Suspicious person, Hwy. CC, LCO.

2331: Disorderly conduct, Water St., LCO.

2345: Fireworks complaint, Outdoor Club Rd., Spider Lake Township.

Sunday, July 7

0021: EMS call, Mengler Rd., Round Lake Township.

0149: EMS call, Hwy. 27, Hayward.

0251: Juvenile alcohol, Henks Rd., Bass Lake Township.

0410: Harassment, Strouf Ave., Winter.

0452: Assist another agency, KOA Campground.

0540: Assist citizen, Hwy. 63, Hayward.

0621: EMS call, Indian Trail, LCO.

0655: EMS call, Gurno Lake Rd., LCO.

0840: Welfare check, Schoolhouse Ln., LCO.

0912: DNR complaint, Smith Rd., Meadowbrook Township.

0934: EMS call, Hwy. 27, Hayward.

1016: EMS call, Nyman Ave., Hayward.

1020: DNR complaint, Tower Rd., Winter Township.

1047: EMS call, Whippoorwill Ln., Spider Lake Township.

1048: Assist another agency, Rainbow Rd.

1050: Domestic disturbance, Strouf Ave., Winter.

1132: Criminal damage to property, Lawry Rd., Round Lake Township.

1140: Domestic disturbance, Signor Dr., LCO.

1258: Suspicious person, Hwy. 27-Rainbow Rd., Bass Lake Township.

1334: Disturbance, Amerivue Hotel, Hayward.

1355: Water incident, Peninsula Rd., Hayward Township.

1529: Driving complaint, Hwy. 27, Lenroot Township.

1546: Missing juvenile, Roynona Rd., Hayward.

1636: Welfare check, Linden Rd., Hayward.

1763: Driving complaint, Hwy. NN-Green Lake Rd., LCO.

1836: Drug complaint, Water Tower Ln., LCO.

1941: Accident, Poppletown Ln., LCO.

2107: EMS call, Ninton Ave., Hayward.

2117: Juvenile issue, Exeland Fire Hall.

2149: Suspicious person, 3rd St., Hayward.

2258: Suspicious person, Timber Bay Candles, Hayward.

π0016: Disturbance, Indian Ln., LCO.

0106: EMS call, Home St., Radisson.

0416: Erratic driver, Hwy. B.

0510: Accident, Hwy. NN and Bostoni Rd., LCO.

0628: Suicidal person, Hwy. K, LCO.

0704: Death investigation, Log Lodge Rd., Winter Township.

0725: Suspicious person, Hwy. 77.

0923: Theft, Radisson.

1001: Erratic driver, Hwy. 77.

1038: Threat, Bill’s Rd., Lenroot Township.

1135: Unwanted subject, Main St., Hayward.

1214: Disturbance, John Erickson Ave., LCO.

1319: Accident, Hwy. 63 and Hwy. 27, Hayward.

1406: Jail complaint, Hayward.

1552: Welfare check, Hwy. 27, Bass Lake Township.

1624: Theft, Maurice’s, Hayward.

1646: Harassment, Hwy. 27-70.

1648: EMS call,, Walmart.

1903: EMS call, Casino, LCO.

2017: Jail complaint, Hayward.

2213: Car-deer accident, Hwy. 48 and Hwy. F, Edgewater Township.

2257: Suspicious person, 3rd St., Hayward.

2309: Harassment, Oakwood Haven.

2330: Disturbance, Schoolhouse Ln., LCO.


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